avr 12 2016

Back Ahead, Austria design, Milan design week 2016, Roben

First presentation of my two new project at the exposition NEW AUSTRIAN DESIGN PERSPECTIVES in Milan, Back Ahead

(Please srcoll down to view full presentation)

« MasquePied » (FootMask)

MasquePied first function is practical: it’s a foot mask. Its second function is symbolic: a mask as a symbol connecting earth to sky

It’s for people who tend to leave their shoes lying around. MasquePied is made up of two parts that differ only in terms of the small holes on the sides.These allow you to secure them to the wall. Each part is made of sheet metal and can be bent by hand. Shoes can then be fixed easily.


And « entre arbre et nuage » (between tree and cloud)

entre arbre et nuage is a bronze sculpture, a small furniture wherein you can see a cloud and then a tree. It’s as if the tree would grow and grow, leave the earth and disappear as a cloud.  As if nature wanted to save itself. An illusion?

please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

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